Monday, January 17, 2011

False sense of happiness:)

Well we have up and moved 3000 miles to Alaska. I'm not sure why yet, I'll try to fill you in when I figure it out! But along this journey I realized/learned a few things. And now I'm going to share....aren't you lucky!

There are quite a few more cattle farms in Canada than I thought there would be. It was much like driving through Idaho,....the long boring trip to Idaho. Lol.

We stopped for gas/potty break and I had to change some children and the changing table in the bathroom was bolted on the wall and was at roughly below my chest. It was interesting.

I was witness to Matt having a temper tantrum the one time I drove the van. Lol. He was irritated at the way i had things organized and things kept falling on him and his son kept repeating himself...."dad", "dad", "dad". Lolol

We thought going into this that the two little kids were going to be very needy...we were wrong. The eldest was almost a pre-Madonna.

Round hay bales with snow on them look like mini-spooners. Well...more like giant spooners!!

Midgets singing Katy perry songs are hilarious-look it up on YouTube

When you divide km by 1.6 it gives you the distance in miles. I find personal amusement when Matt tries to do it in his head and is off by 20 or so:)

Peeing in a bottle is an option driving across the Yukon! Beckham tried:)

Dirt hitting the underside of your car is a glorious sound.

Occasionally hooves stick out of the snow.

It took 4 days for the "pull this car over" threat.

Matt-"did the heater get warm again"? Me-it's cause i let out some octane gas. Matt- what? Me- its cause i let out some octane gas. Matt-come again. Me- it's cause I farted!!! Follow this with uncontrollable laughing:)

-22 is the lowest our vans thermostat goes.

Breastfeeding in public warrants creepy eskimo stares

"Beckham quit jumping that guy off her head"!

Holiday inn express= false sense of happiness
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Undaunted ~ My Life One Day at a Time said...

LOLOLOL Aaahhh, these times do make great memories! I am impressed that you got 4 days into your trip before you had to use the "pull this car over threat"! I mean that is some serious distance. Way to go mom! As to you being there it will all come, just give it time. Love ya.

Katrina said...

I can understand and see it now. I can imagine the whole trip. Please keep us posted with the happenings of the Wilds of Alaska.

Katrina said...

You are awesome :) You need to keep writing lists like these, these are memories you don't want to forget:)

lol speaking of Matts temper remember trying to find the Boston children's museum?? I believe now that watching grown me throw a temper tantrum is one of thoe little things in life god meant for women to enjoy :)

love and miss you tons!


Nana S. said...

Welcome back to your Blog space. It has been along time and we have missed your "craziness". Lots of good laughs as well as tears which are all wrapped up in the joys of living. Hugs to all. Nana S.