Saturday, January 22, 2011

In a blur

We have been in Alaska for one week today. It has been one heck of a week. We got in late Saturday night and stayed with Matt's good friend, who he used to work with, Kevin. The company Kevin works for now pays for the apartment he stays in which is a one bedroom. He graciously let us take it over basically...with him sleeping on the couch. It was a blessing that I am really grateful for even though during our stay with him I was less than happy. We took a giant leap of faith driving here because we both felt strongly that we needed to be here. So we drove up with whatever we could pack in the van including my computer that I wasn't sure would make it! Sooooo grateful for Matt and Chris for finding a way<3 So we drove...through Canada, on the Alaskan highway, in the middle of winter! Blessed on our travels would be an understatement! We had fabulous weather the whole way...even though it was -40 we didn't encounter any snow. We have continued to be blessed all the while having some tough trials. I hate stressing about money and my patience for things is on the crappy side too. But all things considered I'm so very grateful for Matt's family and the wonderful people that they are :) I'm trying to remind myself every day to be grateful for all the things I do already have. My family, Matt's job and the fact that he has officially started his career. He is now an electrical estimator:) No more tools, just nice clothes and an office. And the fact that he can come home for lunch every day! Time to's dinner and the hoard is hungry....sort of. 

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Nana S. said...

It is soooo soooo good to hear your new adventure seems to be going smoothly. Are you in your own apartment now? Does Matt's new position mean his job is more stable now? It must be great to have him working nearby and being together on a daily basis. Send us an address ;-). Love and Hugs to all.

Undaunted ~ My Life One Day at a Time said...

He is getting so big. :) I am glad that you are being able to see how blessed your family has been so far. Those blessing won't stop, we just have to be able to see them and I am proud that you are, even in you frustration. I hope church is good today. Love you all bunches. Give the hoodlums lots of kisses from their Auntie.

Jenn said...

Conner is so adorable Meg :) And i LOVE his red hair :) super wish my kid would actually GET hair:)

love you and miss you SO much!