Sunday, January 30, 2011

finding a niche?

Another week down here in the ginormous state of Alaska:) Our weekends seem to be filled with the most excitement...respectably. Although I did take on the biggest loser workout dvd after naps on Friday. I did really well not getting frustrated at my 5 year old's attempts to workout right under my feet:) Instead I was able to see the big picture of him and his sister finding it awesome to jump around and punch the air. I thought to myself "self, this is the example you need to be setting for your kids. The 'fun' it can be to get off your butt and move around". Seeing little Miss C try to do jumping jacks was adorable, and seeing B be just about as coordinated as I am was awesome:) I'm not sure how much of an athletic career that boy

Saturday has turned into laundry day around here. So we threw that in the wash, and waited the half hour to throw it in the dryer. Money is tight, as you're aware, so to pinch a penny Matt divided the loads in two to wash it...same as last week. It was a tight two loads as we had more towels and some of his work clothes to be cleaned. And to dry...he put it all in the same load, and fearing it wouldn't dry forcing us to spend more, he put it on high heat. Well, we went and did our errands and when we got home he went to check and asked me "what is your prediction if they are dry or not"? I said "i'm going to say 70%". He came back and said they weren't really even close so he ran it again...on high heat. Well, laundry finished and this is what we had...

A new sweater vest for B!! hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!I told him today I feel like we are back in our newly-wed days, seeing as we are completely alone, and broke. Only difference is the three kids:) lol...isn't life funnay!

A couple other cool things that happened while we were out and about...we saw a moose! In the middle of Anchorage. Well...right next to the on ramp to New Seward highway. It was crazy! I'm really excited at the amount of wildlife we have seen in such a short time. Way neat in my book:) And, you ready?...there is a Kid to kid here!!!!! Yahoo!!! So now I can bring all of baby C's clothes, that he is fast-ly growing out of, there and get different clothes...for cheaper. The weekends keep making this place better:)

AND...we stay in the house all week. Literally. Matt takes the car to work and up until now, and even still, I haven't been wanting to venture on my own. So the poor kids entertain themselves with the toys we brought and with the free tv we found. So B finally asked to go outside. And Matt, being the sweet guy he is, obliged. B wanted to know what he could use for a sled...I said a plastic bag. Good idea, not so good execution. So his Dada, being the brains that he is:), came in and grabbed our laundry basket! Score!

Needless to say it has been a good weekend. I plan on making it a family event next weekend to go sledding. We shall see how well Miss C likes it:) Any bets on what she'll do? lol. I signed up to have the Missionaries for dinner...a thing that hasn't been done since...ever for us. I'm looking forward to the Spirit they are going to bring. Women's conference is this month. I'm going to try and go to that at our Stake also. -whew-...long winded today:) Till then,

p.s you can see our house pics HERE
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Nana S. said...

Ohsuch fun !!!!! Grampa and I just enjoyed hearing about your adventurous weekend so much and watching the video of B. sliding :-). We laughed right along with Matt, where there is a will there is a way ;-) The vest took us back several years when your MIL did her first laundry and what happened to your FIL wool jacket and all the pink underwear. LOL. Also enjoyed the tour of your home. Hugs and much love, Nana & Grampa S.

Jenn said... guys are adorable. And the newlywed days are always the most fun. All the crap you accumulate from being "married a long time" just gets in the way :)

love and miss you tons....and hahahahah I'm here before Stacie this time!! :)

Undaunted ~ My Life One Day at a Time said...

ROFLOL, I love the bra on the handle bar. ;) Beckham is so happy. You can just hear how thrilled he is to have his dad home all the time. It was so fun watching him sled. You sound good. Love ya bunches. Hope you had a good anniversary.

housewife said...

lol...that's my night-time nursing bra...I noticed it after I uploaded...and thought...ah well:)

Katrina said...

It was so great visiting with you all on skype today. I love the pictures of Beckham sledding and he is so happy, it warms my heart to see him so happy... that is what life is all about. Meggan you sound great too, adjustments are hard but they generally have a silver lining.I am really happy your getting to see a lot of wild animals. I love the cozy home you are making too. Love you and miss you much.

Lildonbro said...

I think it's so cute when kids exercise, my cousin used to do tae-bo with my dad and we loved it! So cute!