Monday, February 14, 2011

I'll show you blankets!!!!

I love my husband...really. But sometimes he is a grade A putz. Like when I get really excited about a quilt I'm doing or crocheting something and I tell/show him and he kinda shrugs and says "that's nice hunny". Which we ALL know is a nice patronizing way of saying...I'm bored with you! haha. He has in fact told me that ..."anyone can make blankets". So the things I accomplish are no big deal.
So when he saw the purse his sister'd think they just discovered the earth was round! Why? Well because it wasn't a 'blanket', it was 'functional', something you would use every. Day. I'll show you functional! 
Behold....the dishcloth!

And the Oscar the grouch hat that looks like a handicapped frog!

I had high hopes for this cute hat. My SIL sent me the link to make this and trying to branch out I tried. Looks like I will have to make another one and tack the eyes on closer to account for stretch when it's put on. And work with the mouth a little bit. It will work. I can do it! If you'd like the tutorial for this hat can be found here. But don't go making one and showing me up! (yes, you Jen;))

But really, Matt's inadvertent insults have helped me want to do more things. So really, thanks hunny! He is the best man I know. I'd even share some whales with him:)

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Nana S. said...

LOL LOL just cannot account for "why we love them" (the special person in our lives)sometimes. Love the hat and the picture of the C. sharing with B. They may not sleep well but they do look lively. Happy Valentines to all with lots of love from us.

Katrina said... are so funny and I love the cracker sharing... Meg your great. Matt does love you, he just never has really known how to give compliments..but we have to love him any way. Love you ....keep moving on moving on, your doing great and practice makes perfect, at least that is what my mom told me.

Jenn said...

That is a really cute picture of B and C sharing :)

And i think you should make another hat and show yourself up!

Don't worry i won't touch that pattern...i don't want to incur the wrath :)

And as far as M being he's a guy. Skunky does the same thing with my stuff " made a" maybe it's just a busband thing :)

Jenn said...

ps- i really like the colors u chose for that dishcloth

Undaunted ~ My Life One Day at a Time said...

LOL, either way Lady C looks really cute in her hat and the dish cloth is AWESOME! :) Hang in there. Hoped you like the pictures of Matt.

Navy Princess said...

I think you are incredibly talented. Love the dishcloth and the hat! Can't wait to see your next project!!!

PS Jenn I want to see the purse!!