Thursday, February 17, 2011

Where in the world?!

I've decided that each week I am going to pick a travel destination to go to. Just a fun little thing to set my mind to an "easy, carefree" state:) This week I am vacationing in Australia. I love the thought of going here! I think the biggest reason to go is the accent! I loooove a good accent.
I'm going to go to Sydney to start. You can't go to Australia and not see the Opera house!


After some fine dining and city tourism I'll make my way up the coast to Brisbane. And would you know that this city has a Temple?! So I'll stop and do a session. I'm a beach girl through and through. And since I'm on the coast....guess where I'll spend most of my time? Yea...the beach...naked. No...jk! I won't be naked but my feet will be. I'll find a place to "rent" a horse and ride up and down the beach. Maybe this one,


In the next or maybe even two I am going to go to Fraser Island. This would be the home of the world's largest sand dune. How neat is that?! I'll will certainly take a few days here. But, apparently there are scavenging best be careful. I'm not sure Cesar Milan's dog "shhhh-ing" will work :)
Next stop: Capricorn caves. In hopes of seeing some kangaroos. I think I'll take a jaunt through some of the city and take in the local life and food. The mangoes are on my list:)
Traveling further north I'll pit stop at Eungella National park. But the highlight of this stop will definitely be Whitesunday Island.


Oh...the basking in the sun! The snorkeling! I'm so excited! If it is anything like Hawaii(I'm sure it will be better) than I may just stay! No....I can't. I do have responsibilities...don't I? :) Well....I better quit talking and get mentally packing! I've got a serious vacation to take;) Should I pack for you also? Or do you have your destination this week?
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Katrina said...

Are the kids going or staying...LOL it sounds like a great place to visit. Have fun with this...

Nana S. said...

What a great adventure. I had fun just reading about your vacation. Did you find a nice horse to ride? Thanks for sharing, I learned a lot about Austrailia.

Jenn said...

hehehe...these vacations are ALWAYS kid free:) I want to take one!

Undaunted ~ My Life One Day at a Time said...

I am headed for New Zealand, actually. :) Always wanted to visit that part of the world... or... any part of the world for that matter.

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