Friday, March 11, 2011

Please, step into my Office

I'm in love. No really. It's true. And the thing's with someone other than my husband! Shameful I know. Who, do you ask, has stolen the affections that should only be held by Matt? 
This man:

His name: Michael Scott.

And this man:
Dwight Schrute.

And...I'm even in love with another couple.

Meet Pam and Jim.

The Office has a special place in my heart. When Matt first started traveling for his work (Hawaii) he would come home for a week. And what do you do when you have a whole week of nothing to do but loving your spouse? You find a tv show that you can both snuggle up to in bed, with a dvd player, and waste away your afternoon watching.

Seriously....I have never enjoyed watching a show more than I have this one because Matt and I really did this together. It had his whole attention. And if you know my hubs at all, you know this in and of itself, is a daunting task! So we watch the Office...still. No, we don't have every season on dvd. Which makes netflix...awesome. Like ridiculously awesome!

At the end of a day filled with temper tantrums, dirty diapers, drained boobs, and lost brain cells...I know all is well when the hubs and I crawl into bed, turn on the Ipad, and watch the Office. It's the little things that make my world go round.

What about you? Any special routines or shared interests that you know you couldn't live without? I'd love to know!
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Jenn said...

I love the Office! So sad that Michael Scott has to go, but excited to see what Will Ferrel brings to the table.

My hubs cannot sit through anything without fiddling with his laptop or Sports Illustrated, except for football. So for us, February to August is some pretty boring times.

Undaunted ~ My Life One Day at a Time said...

Marc and I have always enjoyed some nice "pillow talk". The kind were you lay in bed after a long day, snuggled up and just chat. It has been one of the nicest things that we do together. Just some good old fashion pillow talk. :)

Kenyon and Jeannette Petersen said...

I also am a big time Office fan! Kenyon and I have movie time during the week or we'll go out! We sort of have a lot of time together but we'll see what happens when the baby gets here! There's nothing like quality hubby time!

Jenn said...

E and I have also gotten into watching shows on DVD it started with our first year of marriage when we borrowed all 7 seasons of Buffy from Duncan :) Since then we've gone through several series...Gilmore girls, Father Ted, House. We started South Park before he left ( definitely an AFTER the kids go to bed show!!) but I think our next in line is Battle Star Galactica when he gets back. :) And we switch it up every once in a while too...add a movie in there once a week or something. But time snuggling on the couch together after the crazy kids have gone to bed...totally my favorite time of the day :)

Lildonbro said...

I haven't seen that show in years! I think at the Writer's strike (yes, that long ago) I lost interest in all of "my shows". Now I find stuff on Netflix, I really love the show "Parks and Recreation" especially Ron Swanson - mostly because he reminds me of my friend.