Thursday, March 3, 2011

Things that have come to my attention

Lol, so I have learned a few things today in particular. As state din my previous post, I have joined a rugby team, and part of that is basically signing away your life in waivers. So, that got me thinking that...I could 1) die a horrible death from playing a sport with no sort of protection outside of a mouth guard or 2) get paralyzed from crashing head on into Bertha! So this afternoon was spent fretting over my safety and hoping I wouldn't die and causing a severe series of knots in my stomach. Well I went anyway. And would you believe it, I hurt myself.
My poor pinkie. It's jammed.Within the first 15 minutes. What crap. And you know, hurting such a little component of the body puts a severe cramp in anything having to do with passing a ball!

I learned that Alaska obviously did not take any of Obama's money to help the roads. The highways have a serious groove in them. So much so that it's like being on tracks. I seriously have to make an effort to turn the wheel. I also have never questioned my ability to drive so much as I have here. There are one way roads all over the place. But in these one would think there would be divider lines right? Wrong!
The lines, that I'm sure used to be there, are not visible. So I drive along feeling like I am in a pack of dogs, or a herd of bison. Not in my safe little area tucked between two white lines, letting my fellow drivers know "hey...I'm here, don't cross"! It's like we are all just the same general direction...don't worry about weaving in and out...just move. It's nerve wracking to say the least.

I have also discovered, more affirmed I guess, that our baby is by far the most needy child we have!!! I picked up a small can of formula today so that when I leave for practice he can not starve to death like he thinks he does! Well...guess who flat out refused to drink the formula?! guessed it...Mr needy pants! This is very bad news. A child that refuses to eat formula on rare occasions is certainly not going to let his mother get off too easy when it comes time to wean. Let's be serious...I'm not going to breastfeed forever. The longest I've gone is 6 months. And that was with B. So...this puts an interesting spin to things:) I don't think I'm ready to think about whipping it out when he's almost a year old. lol. And pumping is such a pain. -deep sigh-

Help me out people....what is a mother to do:)
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Undaunted ~ My Life One Day at a Time said...

Sorry about your finger. At least you will match everything that you own for a few weeks as the brusing heals. ;) As to your needy little one, when the time comes he will take what he needs, whether it is formula or not. Just keep trying it off and on and he will be ready soon enough. Put a sticker on your car that says: "Crazy Lady with Demon Children" and you should get a fairly clear patch to drive in.

Lildonbro said...

Pinkies are little but they sure can take you out! Likes toes! I hate injuring either of those because I feel dainty and weak, but it really does make things more difficult :(

I don't have children - so I can't help you out with the wee one except to say he may eat it if he's hungry enough?? That would probably bring on a call from child services...