Saturday, April 9, 2011

-insert exasperated sigh-

The brain is a piece of work. It never ceases to amaze me how it can trick you into thinking things that are clearly so far from reality that it makes you wonder who could have possibly thought those things. An example of this would be having a baby and within the next three months having that "urge" for another one. No...I am not baby hungry. I learned my lesson 13 months ago on that!
But what I am referring to today is shopping. I love when the weekends get here and we can do things as a family. We got our tax return this past week, even though 97% of it has been spent on catching up and savings, so I have wanted to go out with everyone and get some of the things we have had on our need/want list. All week I have been tricking myself into thinking that it was going to be a fun outing. That the kids will behave and we will be able to think clearly what our goals are.

We went out today.

I am not tarnishing or expanding the truth when I tell you I would have rather have been eaten. By.A.Grizzly.Bear!
The eldest deemed it necessary to tell me every time I did something he didn't like how awful I was. Our dear sweet daughter tried to jump out of the cart every two seconds while the baby babbled and got testy after he filled his britches. Let's not forget the biggest child in the family running around playing swords with the second oldest in a packed store, with people looking at us like we were the freaking Waltons, with our herd of kids! It's three people! Just three! (four if you count Matt)
Can I learn now? Will my brain please stop telling me that this "family time" is really code for giving myself an ulcer! I still have grocery shopping to finish.

I'm going alone.

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Ellen said...

Bwaahhahaaha!! Yea, that would be like the "bonding" that I thought would be so wonderful when we pulled out weeds and raked the yard.

This too shall pass. Good luck with your alone shopping.

Ellen said...

Opps, I was on mom's profile. It's me, Stacie, moking your pain. ;)

Nana S. said...

I get the's a wonderful world ;-) bells ring and angles sing ..... Friday evening shopping was my "night out". Good thing the stores closed at nine and I had no place to go but home ;-) A friend and I did our grocery shopping together.

Jenn said...

I feel your pain! My two "big boys" are 33 and 10 and they still play hide and seek in the fabric store, sing and dance in the grocery store, and generally annoy all those in their presence every chance they get. They think its hilarious. I think I need to start shopping by myself more often.

Lildonbro said...

Yeah, shopping is best done sans-herd. I don't think I've ever had a successful shopping trip with a child along for the ride.