Saturday, April 30, 2011

When camera meets tripod

It's my birthday. In like four days. My husband has smuggled gifts into our house and I haven't known where they are. I knew he had smuggled them in because he can't keep a secret like that to save his life, but I told him I didn't want them until my birthday. They were secret until last night when I needed to get a bed sheet and he said not to yank them all out. Well, knowing you have presents and where they are is different than not knowing where they are. I had the itch. I thought about them all day. And I know when I casually mention things that I want to Matt, he gets it on the brain too and wants to do what I ask.(unless of course it's chore related!)
Well....I cracked. I mentioned to him that I wanted them. So then he says 'ok' like I knew he would and I try to tell him that "no, don't....keep them till Wednesday". I said this not so convincingly;) So happy early birthday to me! He got me a....


It's pretty gosh darn neat if I do say so myself! The head on it swivels! So it's waaaay easy to use. So easy a 5 year old can do it. And he did. Of course he couldn't get the hang of pressing the shutter button half-way to let it focus and then finishing the job with a little more pressure. No.
Instead he pressed it half-way...and held it...and held it some more. I tried and tried to tell him how to do it but he was having some major issues. He'd get it once...and capture my overwhelming 'patience' facial expression.

I know. Special.
It's hard for me...trying to explain things to children. Instead I get flustered and watch them depress the button...and then have like a turret's twitch in anticipation of pressing the button all the way...and then nothing happening. I thought for a few moments he was going to side twitch my camera off the tripod! But he somehow managed to snap a few...and then I had to snap a few because it was part of my gift!!!

she's so pleasant!

not half bad!

Happy early birthday to me!!!
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Miss B's Adventures said...

Way, way fun!! Hannah has at least one present for her birthday, but she is loving yours. She was taking pictures left and right. I think she inherited Nana Savages shutter bug gene. LOL You guys look great. :) Love ya bunches..Happy early Birthday!

Jenn said...

Um! You guys are adorable! happy birthday....LOVE the pictures :)

Katrina said...

Love the pictures... you all look good and rather goofy at moments. I love C pictures, I know she smiles but she had her own way... B looks like he was having a ball and Conner just was wondering what he was doing there. LOL... I love it. Have a Happy Birthday Meggan. Love ya

Nana S. said...

Please, may I grab one of the group of you. Please, please, please ????? Early Happy Happy Birthday, Meggan? You are so great at taking pictures. It thrills me that so many of you enjoy family pictures as much as I do. Love to all.

Jenn said...

You look great!! Happy early birthday!! I am jealous of your wrinkle free face!

Lildonbro said...

That's awesome! And Happy Birthday Tomorrow (right?)!!