Monday, June 6, 2011

Soccer, insanity and three days left

I don't know what it is about being separated for any amount of time, but it never fails that the last week is torture. It's torture when he's been gone two weeks, and torture when he's gone six weeks. The first two Sundays were glorious with the kids. All three of them were angels(as much as that's possible). Not this Sunday. Nope, not even little baby C was calm. Miss C was terrorizing the little girl in front of us because she had snacks and my poor starving girl didn't. And then the other little girl had 'my little ponies', which my so very unfortunate little girl did not. I tell would think that we live in a cardboard box and never get to eat or play with any toys! 

I forced my son to lay in his bed and take a nap today. There is something seriously wrong with him reaching the decibel he does. I am biding my time until child welfare people come knocking on my door because the neighbors have called and said it sounds like a slaughterhouse here :/ So he napped. Thank the Lord!

The older two have been refusing to go to sleep before 9pm this week. I separate them at night since Miss C has a big girl bed and I don't really want to encourage raising cane at all hours of the night. But it apparently doesn't matter. To top off their lack of snoozing, they also wake up between 630-7. But just this week.

Last Wednesday B started soccer. I put the younger two in our jogging stroller because they have enjoyed it before. Not that night. Baby C refused to sit and play, no, he had to be held. And Miss C refused to have the flap down(which was saving her from the rain sprinkles). And she dumped 80% of her capri sun in her lap.

yes...the last week will test the patience and will power of even the strongest of human beings. I'm counting down to Wednesday...and then Thursday night...when I get a mini-vaca from two of my snot nosed pain in the butt little sweethearts that I will miss soooo very much!
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Lildonbro said...

hang in there! It will be here before you know it!

Undaunted said...

Go to a happy place, go to a happy place, GO To A HaPPY PLACE!!!

Katrina said...

Won't be long now kid... and believe it or not you will miss them very much after a few peaceful hours. Love ya and have a great and safe trip.

Raising Marshmallows said...

Oh my...I remember those days. I need a vacation from just reading your post. You're almost there!

Jenn said...

lol...u're a strong woman :) I'm proud of u