Monday, September 5, 2011

blue razberry jell-o

So I've had three kids. Which means my body has been through three traumatic experiences. I'm also six years older from the first one. All this adds up to the number one reason I shouldn't go clothes shopping.
My sweet sister offered to watch our kids so the hubs and I could go out on a date. She said we were going to go shopping for this date. (blog post on that soon to follow) Well, since I haven't been to a normal store in a while I thought "sure! why the heck not". -chuckle- I picked her up at her dorm and we went to the mall. More specifically to her favorite store, Forever 21. Now before you all start rolling your eyes and thinking "well what do you expect shopping at a 'teeny bopper' store!?", they have more adult sizes there also.

Let me tell you what I learned:
1. bringing snacks is a good idea only when they don't leave a trail as to where you have been
2. I'm not sure skinny jeans are made for anyone: a)under 6 feet tall or b) don't have legs that take up more than half of your body
3. someone needs to make a better mirror for dressing rooms
4. I need to exercise

Needless to say I left the store feeling horrible about myself and deciding that I was only eating salad at dinner. And nothing but celery from here on out. Too top it off I was at church yesterday and I had asked a friend if there were any younger girls that I could get Sibil to meet so she could make some friends. Well the very cute and skinny friend that she introduced me to asked if I was the 18 year old. I smiled thinking about the sweet compliment and said "no, I wish" to which she replied, "oh well I didn't know sometimes people look older than they are".


It's time to get the ball on the roll friends. I'm not going to be the jiggling jell-o Mom anymore.
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Nana S. said...

ha,ha,ha....I the picture of you with Matt in the doorway just the same.

Jen said...

Oh man ....u seriously didn't find anything u could live with at the store?

U should go thru ur closet and give away 1/2 of ur clothing to DI or Goodwill...that's what I just did :) it'll force u to update ur wardrobe :)

Love u!