Friday, September 2, 2011


So the hubs as been home this week. Remember when I was super excited because it meant that I was going to get caught up on things? Yea. That never happened. Instead he came home and worked all day in the office also. I'm not complaining that he has a job that keeps him busy and well paid(so I can pay off our crap) but it would have been nice for some QT.
I mean I knew that the weeks were going to go by faster now that sassy pants is in school. But adding hubby working out of town and then working in town...I have lost track of days. It's flipping Friday already! He leaves tomorrow. And waking up at 7 isn't stopping. 
-eye roll-

I also have a nudist on my hands. Well she keeps the diaper on most of the time. I was coming back from getting sassy pants from the bus and she slipped out the door before I knew it. She had on her brothers shoes and a diaper and was trying to run away. It was like she had on flippers. I'm pretty sure I saw my neighbor laughing. I don't know what was worse...the fact she ran out in her diaper, 
or the fact that now the neighbors think I don't dress my kid.
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Nana S. said...

LOL ;-) Flippin cute ;-)

Jen said...

hahahahahahahahaha!!!! Nanna said 'flippin'!!!!!! OMG I think I might die!!!

Nana S. said...