Friday, September 16, 2011

Catching my breath and getting a second wind

I had an awful few days last week/weekend. I haven't been that stressed out since we first moved here. The kids were cranky, Matt was/still is gone and the over-all adjustment period still isn't over I don't think. (moving here, school, Sibil)


I have made progress! As of today she-devil has been diaper free for 10 days? She still sports the pull-up at night because I haven't quite figured out how to get her to understand what I expect of her. With sassy pants I think it was 'fear of God'. Plus he was older. That whole first experience was completely different than this one. But isn't that parenting? Major differences:
Sassy pants had no problems with peeing on the potty and loved getting little rewards. Number 2 was more difficult for him to do, either scared or whatever. He was dry at night right from the beginning.
She devil self initiated pooping all by herself and rewards don't mean squat. She's likes being cheered on more. Peeing was a huge pain in the butt. She didn't like to be made to sit but if I told her I had to go she danced right in with me and went.

We had some regression this weekend which put me in a huge foul mood. I think it was the switch in schedule and having Aunty here which is normal, but not normal for doing your business. And sassy pants was around...and there isn't any sort of calm when he's around:)
So we have made it over a huge hurdle in this house and I am feeling better about life. So much in fact that my SIL and I are going to start Mommy school in October. I'm getting myself amped up for it because I think I had an 'ah ha' moment, and realized that I am a stay at home mother. I should be throwing myself into the reason I am home. Enough of this tv watching, and get out of my hair nonsense. I'll be free to do whatever the heck I want when they are in school. Right?
Be of good cheer. If I can look at the positive and look to serve others(my children) then surely I should succeed!

And don't call me Shirley! lol
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Undaunted said...

Glad your second is finally using the potty so well. Surely you will be happier with only one child in diapers. ;)

Jenn said...

Diaper free! Yay!
I understand the "ah ha" moment. It took me a long time to realize, "this is not my day off, this is my life". It's rough, but it's like you said, you can do whatever you want once they start school. Right now we just have to work hard to make them ready.

Traci Michele said...

i'm doing a Monday Blog Hop for posting your favorite picture... check it out if you'd like... I would love to have you. Traci

Lildonbro said...

Ha! Airplane right?

Whenever people talk about potty training I think of "Look Who's Talking 2" when the little boy has to potty train but he is afraid of the toilet - he imagines the toilet speaking to him saying, "give me you pee pee and your poo poo."

Probably not a mature thing to think about each time ppl bring it up - but it is what it is. did you use the fear of God to potty train??