Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Things that you do on vacation...

Spend money
eat out
go on rides
spend money
stay up way loo late
make memories
spend more money

We did all of that. As well as play a game called 'Things". Have you ever played? I recommend it. Nothing can bring out the more interesting side than having to think of things that you wouldn't put on a resume, or things that you wouldn't want to find in your attic or even things that should have an expiration date. Haha, cause you might get answers along the lines of: winning a peepee contest, Sable (2x) and (my personal favorite-NOT) Meggan's period!

Turns out...our family has a bunch of dirty minds in it;) Shocker. So do I invite church friends over to play, or not, for risk of them finding out our true colors....
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