Thursday, December 1, 2011

it's so FLUFFY!

We had the opportunity to go to the the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center while the family was here. Best part? We got there and it was FREE! I think mostly because it's the off season and was the day right after Thanksgiving? That's what I'll tell myself anyway. It was definitely very cool.
There were tons of Bison and Musk Oxen. We saw a moose with one antler and some baby moose.

It looked pretty sad but I'm sure it wasn't. They really are quite large and cute at this age. Did you know that moose are in the deer family? And you are supposed to run in zig zags if one is chasing you because they get confused. I'm pretty sure I would just mess my pants!
We also got to see some baby bears! Well, they were two, so still young. It was feeding time so they were up next to the fence and I was able to get right in with my beautiful lense!

Isn't he cute?! Even cuter with an electric fence between us;)
After that we continued our drive and got some other really nice shots.

There was a guy trying to climb it, but he left just as I was getting ready to get him in the picture. Boo! Smart little she-devil remembered the water from a previous drive so she said to me "Mommy...waterfall". Yup, a frozen water fall:)

Tomorrow, a slacker mom birthday party...
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Undaunted said...

Hey, liken the new look. Those are some great pictures of the wildlife. Now for some indoor wildlife, like your kids?! LOL Love ya bunches.

The Osborne's said...

That is so awesome! You got some amazing pics!