Friday, December 2, 2011

We all know where the "good intentions" road goes...

BIG plans for sassy pant's birthday this year. I wanted a pirate theme. Starting with some cute invites for the friends he has made this year.


I found this clipart and was going to do up a whole invite myself on the computer.

And the decorations and favors inspiration came from this:

Cute right?! I also have a kids project book called "sew magical for kids". In it is a Kraken, pirate ship and pirates to make. The proper amount of time to make this would have been, oh I don't...September. Not a week before like yours truly did tried. Do you know what you end up with when you start things the week before the event or deadline?

No decorations. No finished kraken. No finished pirate ship!
See how the Kraken has no mouth? Pathetic.

No super cute homemade birthday cake either. Wal-mart got our business.
But I guess it turned out 'o-k' for the boy.

He was all smiles. Even after I kicked him back outside when he got home because I didn't even manage to have it all set up before he got home. Keep the lame-ness coming people.

But there were candles....

And he blew them out. And wished, I'm sure, for a better, more organized mother! No...actually he wished for a pirate ship like the one at his old preschool. Go figure.
Happy birthday buddy. I think I'll start preparing now for next year and hope I'm on time!

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The Osborne's said...

I am the same way- great intentions but just can't seem to follow through. Actually I think I just get to a point when I realize they're not even going to remember this so I'm not going to stress myself out. I'm sure he had a fabulous birthday anyway!

Nana S. said...


Undaunted said...

Yep, those good intentions are just wonderful (note the HEAVY sarcasm). Like making holiday jammie pants. I really think they are going to get the walmart kind and a throw from Joanns. ;) Don't be too hard on yourself. He looks great.