Wednesday, May 16, 2012

when it's ok to mess your pants

It's been one heck of a morning around here. It started off with a 4.6 magnitude earthquake, with an epicenter of about 8 miles, south of my house. It's the biggest I have felt since we moved here and unlike the others one. I was laying in bed and the bed started to shake a little. I knew right away that it was an earthquake. Then the shaking got a little more intense and the noise our house made was what creeped me out the most. It sounded like the roof could have just broken right off! Of course, me being super worried, just kept laying in bed waiting to see what would happen next. But that was the worst of it. It died of with some tremors and didn't even wake up the kids. (which is what I worried most about;))
And as is typical fashion, I grabbed my phone, opened up facebook and told the world about it. One of my Anchorage friends wrote that her Mom instincts kicked in and she grabbed one kid and went for the other. I didn't. I'm trying to figure out why I didn't instantly go into panic mode and the best I can come up with is that I'm not entirely sure what to do in the event of a massive earthquake? Sassy pants practices earthquake drills at school and they all get under their desks. Which makes me laugh and think of back when schools were doing nuclear drills and telling the kids to go under their desks....yah...cause that will save you! Lol. But seriously...what's proper precaution? The desk? A door frame? In this case we were all still upstairs...would that be safest? The least amount of rubble to fall and kill you?
Food for thought.

After that morning excitement I decided to go out and take the kids for a walk using the jogger. Cause I was going to run. Was.
And this situation really ties into my paranoia of being eaten by a bear. Cause it could happen. Anyway!
Running down the road (Yes, running at this point) I've got one headphone in listening to music and half listening to she-devil my daughter ask me "what this is" and "what that is". I can't hear her entirely so I stop, ask her what she said and glance to my left and there's a baby moose. I kid you not...right. NEXT. TO. ME! The first thought that goes in my mind is "baby moose...where's the Mom"?! I bet I looked like some cracked out white mom on meth with how much I was looking ahead/around/back trying to find sweet baby moose's killer Mom! I only dared take one picture for fear I was going to have to leave my children as fodder while I ran away beat off a wild animal with no positive outcome. And this is in Anchorage people. The middle of the freaking city!

And the picture isn't even of the one right next to me cause I was walking away from the death trap. I should have though. Cause now I feel like I just look like a crazy person. Oh well. It was there. And I was scared.

Moral of the story...when situations's ok to mess your pants.
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