Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Goodbye summer

I hope if my readers have learned's that I am completely inconsistent. I don't plan it that way. It just happens. I will chalk it up to my very busy house with two kids that are only 15 months apart, and the older being a very spirited and independent little girl. Now the summer is over and I don't believe I have posted more than a half dozen times. I've got a renewed sense of self. I've got big plans for me and, hopefully, this little piece of cyber world. But let's end this summer on a picture note.

 Me and the hubs on vacation

 The littlest loving the swing

 I love this picture of the girl!

 My sister and the bigs.

 Another favorite of my Dad and the girl:)

 My sexy pants for halibut fishing
 That one didn't get away!

Another lovely sunset

So now I gear up for a busy school year filled with projects and re-purposing and all sorts of fun stuff. So don't leave me just yet! 
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Undaunted said...

Love those sexy pants! You are rockin' those babies. LOL I am glad that you had a busy enough summer not to be mopeing around blog land. Love the pictures.

Jessica Donbrosky said...

I personally love the sexy pants!