Tuesday, March 26, 2013

She was a dancing queen

Turns out, I must have been too excited to get a decent aurora picture. Kinda bummed about that. I thought They would come out at least as good as last time...but I'm not crazy about them. I may post them anyway. Just not today. Instead, I'll share this. 

This girl loves to dance. All the time. I moved our table out of the 'formal' dining room for various reasons and since then the space it used to inhabit has become her dance studio. She's always in there twirling and jumping and doing whatever her imagination can come up with that dancers must do. Nap time, or quiet time as I call it, is filled with her playing in front of a cheap wal-mart mirror and watching herself do all sorts of dancer things. 

Until today. When she decided to make a bed on the mirror and break it. Silly kid. 

But never fear. As soon as we get the walls painted and all set for new baby girl and her to share a room I will be putting up a new mirror with a bar so she can really have a good time. This is my pinspiration

Cute huh:) 
Till I come here again,
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Jen said...

I'm freaking inlove with the dance mirror in the bedroom :) may have to piggy back and put one in L's room!

Undaunted said...

22 days and counting!!!