Friday, July 4, 2014


Oh my goodness. This family is on a road  trip. We flew into Seattle, got a rental car, and hit the open road. It's been pretty great so far. The kids have been awesome. Seriously. I'm surprised how well they have all done. Here's a glimpse into it so far. 

This is a "shortcut" we took to save ourselves 40 min. We saw the van in front of us with Washington plates and figured they knew what they were doing. I only suffered a few heart attack moments when our driver got too close to the drop off on my side. Haha

We stopped and saw some friends that moved away from us. Their girl and our Conner are a month apart:) 

Mr B had a great time playing football with his cousins. I'm pretty sure he only took this getup off, to sleep. 

Turf playground floor is basically the BEST thing EVER! I could put baby P down and not worry about her putting anything in her mouth. This was the day I decided I was moving. Purely for the parks. 

The point off of Tubbs hill. 

 Mudgy the moose. This moose is in a storybook and based on an actual moose here in Coeur de lane. 

This is my very special niece that loves taking selfies. Scary selfies. ;) 

Driving through Montana. Beautiful state. I'd like to stay longer next time. 

Nutella snack cup. Enough said. 

First night from a full day of travel. Once they passed out they slept really well. 

We saw Mt Rushmore for the first time for all of us:) Matt went as a child but the story is, all he did was vomit on his Dads head. There wasn't any vomiting, although Conner got a scrape on his leg and was very concerned his leg was going to fall off. 

The song that has this melody was playing in the car and we decided to stop for bathroom breaks and we saw this sign. It gave us a good chuckle:) 

I missed a few state signs but we did make it to SC:) Uncle Matt has snuggled with the youngest baby in the Cat extended family:) We've gone to the lake. The kids have played in the pool.

Conners swim shorts were getting air in them and it was very concerning so he took them off and went nekkid. 

Whew! Picture overload:) There's a Fletcher photoshoot tomorrow and a day at the ocean! And [hopefully] I can get some color on the basically translucent legs that I have! 
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Jessica Rowland said...

What a fun looking trip!! Glad there was no vomit at Mt. Rushmore and as for the selfies - my cousin does the same thing - not sure I totally get it.