Friday, July 11, 2014

Just another photo dump

Saw the whitehouse. Didn't bother to get out. 

Are you supposed to smile at Arlington Natl Cemetary? 
We saw the guards switch(every 30 min) and the kids were quiet. Not a peep. It was really neat. 

This wasn't even the worst toll we had. Ridiculous. And NY city looked haggard. I would imagine with the 13$ tolls they could clean the streets. Or pick up trash. 

No car DVD player? No problem. All you need is a little ingenuity:) 

Not the most family friendly Holiday Inn express we have stayed at. This was in Stamford, CT. Just FYI. 

We made it! 

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Jessica Rowland said...

Ha! I went to DC with my two sisters and brother-in-law once. We drove past the white house so many times I thought they'd arrest us. It was raining and my sister didn't want to get wet so I had to keep driving past it until we gave up.