Monday, December 8, 2014

If California didn't suck so bad, I think I'd move here

So we are on vacation in California. My in-laws live here and since we have such a great relationship we are staying our usual four weeks...haha. So much has been going and I should do multiple blog posts, maybe that will happen. I won't hold my breath though. 

Today I packed the kids up and drove two hours to Santa Maria to see a longtime friend from NH. We went to Waller park which was large and clean. Clean in the sense that there wasn't the worry of the kids stumbling onto anything dangerous or unsavory. That's a plus. I've really been slacking in the picture taking department but that's mostly because my stupid iPhone can't handle it. Anyway. We hung out at the park for a few hours. She's kind of a really good Mom. She totally didn't care that one of her boys got completely soaked and muddy playing in the water fountain. I know that's not a huge deal, really, but I'm too high strung to let my kids do stuff like that. Another mom-fail. 

After the park we stopped in her home town and got some subway and brought it to her house and ate and visited for a bit. Then, we were off to Solvang to get some chocolate and ice cream. Solvang is seriously the cutest town I've ever been to. Super tourist area. Seriously. It's all Dutch era and architecture and adorable. I'm going to need a babysitter so I can go back with her and walk the shops. We got chocolate at Inglebords(spelling?). She had her two boys in a stroller and I had a kid on my back and one in a stroller, that my oldest pushed. (I love that kid. He's starting to be really helpful and it's great). 

It really was a kind of ordinary day day but I had a great time. It was great to see her and still have so much in common. 

And I would say the kids had a good time too:) 

Always a good day when they pass out in the car. So until the next time,

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Jessica Rowland said...

My iPhone has been bad about allowing me to take pictures. Glad you're having fun. I love visit.