Monday, July 27, 2009

eventful weekend:)

It's Monday...back to the grind of daily chores:) Matt, B and myself had a good weekend. Matty did some lawn care Saturday morning while B and I puttered in the house. We were going to go to the aquatic center in North Ogden but it was packed....and I'm not too excited about swimming like sardines in a pool that isn't "hot" but neither very refreshing. So,..we decided to go check out Willard Bay instead. It was decent. Definitely better than nothing. Matt kept saying it wasn't like Hawaii And in my mind I kept thinking it wasn't like the beaches that are back east. So our roles were reversed...he outwardly complained and I held it in trying to make the best of it :P After swimming we took B to see Ice Age 3. It was cute. He enjoyed himself so that's all that matters:) And after THAT...we headed over to Chris' for some dinner off the bbq. He's getting quite good at working his bbq and producing some "D-lish" food:)

So now it's Monday. Matt's at work, and B and I are home doing our chores. Lol..I get all this motivation after the weekend and tire myself out the rest of the week. Ha! Oh well. I am 36 weeks today and that means only 28 more days to go. Holy moly. :) Well...I need to try and get the son to take a nap. Here's a couple pictures for viewing enjoyment:)

No...I don't let my son watch this stupid show...his grandparents in NH got him this t-shirt and swimming shorts:)

at least one of them is smiling:)
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The Fletchers said...

hahahah...sponge bob square pants...that really is a dumb show:)

miss you tons...


Mostly Stacie's Space said...

:) I love the scowl on Matt's face. Hawaii water indeed.