Monday, May 17, 2010

Making my way abroad

I leave for the East in about 36 hours. I've spent my day doing laundry and mopping and vacuuming and dishes...all in hopes of not having a huge mess when I get back. I know, with Mr. Cat and his bachelor brother...I can't expect the world. But a girl can hope right? I also need to cut my fingernails. That's one thing that always happens when I am with child....super cracked out growth of fingernails and toenails. Anyway,...back to the point here. Packing, chores, yes. I am quite impressed with myself today actually. C-baby's bag is packed! I still should make a list of 'things' I need/want to bring. Camera is a must! I never did get a project done that is a late birthday I hope my sister(in-law) is down with a trip to a store and tackling it:) I'm sorry for the abstract way I'm writing...there is a chance (like 1 in 1 million) that the recipient of said project will read this. But never fear! I will post a picture when I can and if I remember:) 
I have a dr's appt tomorrow. Fun. I don't know why I schedule them in the afternoon either. I'm going to be up in weight not only because there scale is 3 pounds higher than mine...but also all the crap I will have eaten by then. Dang! Maybe....I'll fast all day. lol. Good plan! AND I get to do my early glucola test. I have only had the gestational once, buuuut that makes me a good candidate for it again. When I did have it, it was a super pain....but it helped my weight gain to stop. So I'm certainly not wishing me to get it...but it would help my phobia of weight gain....because I have no self control. :/ I'm still able to wear my jeans that's  super plus. I know I'm only 11 weeks...but I am not one of the fortunate women in Utah that can wear them their whole pregnancy. To put it gently on myself....I got some birthin' hips...with a generous amount of cushion:P But...back to point...I want to have number three be lucky and maybe pull off wearing one of those belly bandz! That'd be neat-o!!! 
So yea...I'm going back East. And I think I'm excited. I'm in no way excited for traveling across country with a FIL that thinks he's the only one that can go 85 mph. Or the fact that I'm going to be a passenger in my car. lol. But patience is my virtue. All will be well. I don't have any worries about the kids turning into something from a horror that's good. Well...good if they don't! OK...I've blabbed far too long. But here's a pic that I took yesterday...I think it's good...what do YOU think?

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Mostly Stacie's Space said...

You'll do fine. :) I hope you have fun. Love ya