Friday, May 21, 2010

oh boy!

I'm traveling. Across country. With my in-laws and kids. I haven't figured out who is worse. This evening is turning out to be interesting. We are staying in a Days Inn tonight. Pennsylvania is nothing but construction so that means that we are staying in a "construction hotel" as my MIL put it. We walked in and hit a brick wall of the wonderful aroma of B.O. That coupled with cigarette's a winning combination. I should be grateful that we have a place to stay. Along with being grateful that my poor daughter is cutting every single tooth in her mouth...starting the night before we left. Awesome! There really isn't anything like being brought to your knees, just about in tears, praying for your child to go to sleep.

So we've got about 7 hours left to the general destination. We are visiting with Jen and then breaking off to the other branches of family. I'm hoping to motivate Jen to brave a trip up to Maine to show off her son....but that means I'd have to share the spotlight with my new "baby". Hmmm....may have to rethink that;) Sunday theyu are blessing their new son and Miss Sariah is in CT also and will be blessing their new baby too. It should be fun:) Ok, it is late, and baby C is starting the night out like the rest of them this week....wish me luck and her comfort. So till then,
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Sariah said...

I can't wait to see you guys!!! Sorry about the construction and the teething... none of it sounds like any kind of fun. But the light is shining from the end of the tunnel, so keep your chin up Mommy! We'll see you soon!!!

Mostly Stacie's Space said...

I hope your daughter starts to feel better soon. Have Bruce give her a blessing if you haven't already. :) You are doing great. Just hang in there and know you don't have to travel for about two weeks. ;)