Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!
Today during sharing time in primary the kids were given pieces of paper with a spot to draw their moms and the some pre-written questions and spaces for the answers. This was mine:
This is my Mom. Her name is Mommy She is about 1 years old. She has white eyes and black hair. She weighs about 16 pounds. Her favorite food is bananas. She's smart, she knows all about going on walks. She spends most of her time playing on the computer. Best of all mother likes to stay home and play a game. My mom takes care of me by stop and look both ways. I think my mother is the best int he world because she wants to eat everything. If I could wish for anything in the world for my mother it would be a big dog.
Mr. Cat has walked in on me as I am typing this and poked fun at the fact that it's funny our son says I spend my time on here and I feel the need to get on and write this. Thanks babe. Love you too. Anyway....I hope all you mother's of children here, or waiting, or ones that you will have after here, have a great day!
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Mostly Stacie's Space said...

LOL, that is way cute! Happy Mothers Day!

Katrina said...

You are great Beckham you have such a great mom and you love her so much....Happy Mothers day Meggan.

Jen said...

haha...out of the mouth of babes :) B is great :)

Miss you guys...can't WAIT to see you!