Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Will the excitement never cease?!

I really should have been writing this whole time with all the crazy things that have gone on. But alas, my energy faileth at the end of the day. I much energy does getting on the computer require? I will tell you...a lot! Not so much physical obviously...but my mental power is lacking. I also need to write down this fact, as to why one should never have children so close together, your brain goes into hyperdrive for brain cells spewing out. I constantly find myself going in circles trying to remember what I was doing or what I was getting. It's insane. 
So, I'm on "vacation". Ha! I think I will be on vacation when I get home:) Don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed my time here. Really,...I'm not just trying to convince myself. What has happened since we entered New England. 
1. my niece was super cranky when we arrived and her Mom just attributed it to schedule change because,well, her daughter doesn't do change well. But she took her to the Dr's for some goopy stuff taht was going on in her eye...turns out she had an ear infection and the start of another on antibiotics she went. Well...since my baby was rather cranky and showed some of the same behavior I decided to take her to the Dr's as well. So off we went to the insta care...and 4 hours later we discover she had a residual double ear on to antibiotics she went. 
2. The antibiotics she is on gave her some loose bowels. We went to drop off my FIL at the Hartford airport which takes about an hour with traffic. Well on the way back my eldest tells me that his sister pooped in her carseat. I thought he was referring to the time when she was newborn and made a ginormous mess in her seat. So I brushed it off. Drive a few more minutes and I get a whiff of something of the poo nature. I ask...."son, is there poop in her carseat"? "yes". Great!!!! "and she's got it on her nose". Awesome!!!! All I could do was laugh. Laugh at the insanity. Laugh at the mess I was going to have to clean up. I look back and she's got her legs up in the air and of course they are covered in poo. lol. The luck. 
Ahh...yes. Vacation. My niece, while cute and fuzzy, has the biggest stubborn gene. It's mixed in with being contrary. Poor Jen really lucked out...not only do her kids look like Erick,...they both act like him too. Not saying Erick is a bad person, but his kids don't know how to control their controllable genes yet:) To each our own though. Aside from the baby who hasn't felt good until a few days ago, the eldest has been a pain. He definitely has the mother hen thing down. Which is amusing to me because he's been an only child for 4 years...and I really doubt 9 months of his sister has done it to him. Nature. Weird. 
Fun things you ask? Sure! We went to Mystic Village and bought the BEST Vermont sharp cheddar I've ever had! I'm not one for munching on just cheese...but oh boy did I with this stuff! Also got some tasty Moose tracks fudge which probably has added a pound or two to my butt:) We went to the ocean. It was colder than a witches(fill in the blank). The kids had fun. Jen's girl discovered sand and was rolling around in it like a sports illustrated bikini My girl liked picking it up, squishing it in her fingers and then eating it. 
There it goes,...the brain power. So till the time I muster more up,
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kls2 said...

Ha Ha! Oh, Meg, I'm so glad you have a sense of humor about these things! Have fun in New England.
~Love, Kim

Mostly Stacie's Space said...

LOL, I just got done with that sort of "vaction". Delanie and her three boys were here for two weeks. 7 kids tends to be a bit loud sometime. LOL ;) Good luck with you brain issues. I haven't noticed mine getting any better yet, but you never know. Enjoy NH and ME. Love ya