Friday, June 4, 2010

Act 2 scene 1,287,453

I told Jen that she needed to move out quicker because my life was "blog worthy" with all the excitement! Yesterday was very interesting. I think our first moment was when Sir pukes alot was getting changed. His mom did it. We bought some cloth diapers at wal-mart to make some burp cloths. And of course the purpose of those is to actually be made to use as diapers. Jen decided she was going to put one on him. She wanted to put one on him and take some pictures but he really needed to be fed. So she fed him. Then she looked down and he had pooped on his cute cloth diaper. So mommy asked for a regular diaper since she had only made one. Diaper came off and while waiting for the other...a fountain arose from the nether regions. After the 20 minute stream and a breather...his mother was blessed with some number 2 action! was hilarious. :)
The next activity was our trip to Stop & Shop. Grammy, the eldest and I went out to buy some things that we needed at the store. I put the eldest in the shopping cart and his Grammy pushed him. Very typical. So much that I never fear for his safety. Now it's different. Upon our departure I was lagging behind a smidge doing something with my phone. And everyone is aware of the graduated sidewalks that go along the stores and they give you a space to get your cart into the parking lot. Grammy decided to go four-wheeling. I look up and the cart is falling sideways and my son has a terrified look on his face. Slow motion best describes it. lol. So I got to be the savior against his evil grandmother. :) 
Last but clearly the most exciting......I lost my Iphone! We finally made it to the Croc store to get my kiddo some new shoes. So we're there and make a decision on what to get and cash out. Leave, things are dandy. Get home. Start making dinner. I say to myself, self, where is your cell phone? I use Jen's phone to call mine. No sound...maybe it's on vibrate? Call again...listen real close. Nothing. MIL, where's your phone...maybe I just can't hear the ring tone I've got for Jen. Call...nothing. Flipping fantastic. So I get on the computer and look up the phone number for the Croc store. "Hi, I was just in there and have misplaced my phone and was wondering if it was there"? "The Iphone?, yea it's here". "Ok, I'll be down". Now you have to remember...I'm in the land of everything takes at least a half an hour to get to so the htought of me being so retarded and forgetting my phone is enough to make me beat myself in the head. So....up the stairs I go to inform my sister in law of my brain malfunction and see if she will go with me. -knock knock- on their door. Immediately after that I hear this loud and startled noise come from her room. Why? I'll let you figure it out:) lol. It was a very interesting day:) To end this post I'll share a picture that I took of Jen and sir pukes alot:)

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Mostly Stacie's Space said...

Just add a couple more kids of your own and your insanity and blog worthy post will never end. LOL Glad you having fun. :)