Friday, July 2, 2010

Fun and games until the government gets involved

So it's been almost a week since the hubs has been gone. It hasn't been too bad, mostly because it has been busy around here. M & S have been here since Friday and they take off on Sunday. So we have been visiting and letting the kids play like wild banshees. Miss H spent Mon, Tue, and Wed night here with us. It was a good time. I let her have almost free reign of my snack basket which contained fruit by the foot. She was a happy camper. On her last visit I was running low on breakfast items and she comes from a group of siblings that are always hungry. I was dressed and B &C were dressed. Miss H was a little on the slacking side because she was playing with play-doh. I was patiently waiting for a nice break in play to motivate her to get dressed. And then I received this:
I had a good chuckle and then my preggo brain actually decided to be clever and respond with this:
Lol, it was amusing to me. And then Miss sassy pants gave me this:
It's kind of hard to read, but it says, "the gov has told me to get dressed I will after I get a fruit roll up the govt DEMANSD you to let us have food and not starve. Signed, the president of getting dressed". hahahahahahaha. Needless to say the half pint got dressed before her fruit roll up:) She's a character. I am starting to see the "tween" come out in her. Up until now, for me personally, she has still been a little kid. She still has a lot of kid in her play but the more girliness and drama is shining through. She is turning into a nice young lady and it's hard to believe that I have known this girl for just about 7 years. I hope I am making an impression on her like my Aunts did for me. Anyway!

Here is my cute baby taking a nap...I couldn't resist:)
And a cute video of the kids playing at the brook down the road.

And one more of all of them being goofballs:)

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Undaunted ~ My Life One Day at a Time said...

LOLOLOL, They are soooo Special! :) It has been tons of fun.

Katrina said...

It has been fun watching all the kids play together and enjoying their time here. They all are special and we love them so much and your big guys too....:)

Jenn said...

Hannah is hilarious!! I chuckled out loud reading this :)

we miss you guys...wish we could be there

Nate and Aimee said...

That nap picture could totally be my baby! I wish the 2 of them could meet. :)