Thursday, February 10, 2011


So apparently my son is getting older....who knew? Well it was big wake up call to me today as I was getting ready to feed baby C.
When I breastfeed I in no way flaunt my boobs. And even more so now with this baby because I'm aware that B is just that much older. So I practice modesty the best I can when putting a large mass of boob into a baby's mouth:)
Well, today, I'm telling my son that I have to feed his brother and then we will go to the grocery store. He then tells me that my boobs are disgusting. Awesome. I say 'thank you' in response. He then tells me...oh actually they are beautiful.
What?! Did he really just say that? Does he know what he just said? How do I handle this? Ummmmm....buh. I'm at a loss. So I say.."yeaaaa.... that's inappropriate". I usually handle mis-communications with him very well because I chalk it up to innocence. So was this also innocent? It's hard to call it that when he has a Dad that doesn't necessarily hide his 'gropings'. So B has seen that breasts are something of an attraction to his Dad and he is a boy too.
Needless to say...I'm not ready for this. I just want to lock my little boy up and shelter him from all the nonsense that life is:) Well not entirely...but mostly. The world is a scary and exciting place and this little harmless comment from my son has thrown me into a loop of realizing, yet again, that I'm parenting by the seat of my pants! I guess all I can do is hope and pray I do the absolute best I can for him.

Any awkward moments you've had with your kids lately?
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Jenn said...

Parenting by the seat of your pants...i like that and completely agree.

I'm not entirely sure how Erick and I gonna deal with L's super observantness later....every time Papa come home and give Grammy a hug or a kiss L is right there in the middle of it, holding Papa's hand, trying to get in the middle of their huggs.

it's awkward enough watching it...I have NO IDEA how I'm gonna deal with it when Erick gets home.

Hmmmm...I think you have inspired another blog post for me:)

love you!!

Undaunted ~ My Life One Day at a Time said...

LOL, I worry about Sam too. He is definitely my most observant. That boy loves to snuggle against my chest like nobody's business. LOL He is going to be a boob man, but at least at this point all kiss is yucky and so is everything else. Don't worry, you are doing great!

Navy Princess said...

Oh no!!! I am so in for it. Andy is the same way about groping and I keep telling him that he needs to be careful about it. Who knew it could get that awkward that soon? Jeesh. Eeek!

Ria7 said...

I love your story, it was beautiful, why can't your son notice his mom is beautiful? He has to fall in love with you first and be well grounded in your motherly love, and also the shared love of his parents, in order to grow into a man of love. Keep up the good work, you are right on track. If children observe the love of their parents they feel safe, secure and happy. I am not talking about observing groping but more along the lines of a shared smile, loving look, endearing touch, heartfelt kiss, pat on the bottom? It is necessary for children/their mental health to know that their parent's love each other. PS- breastfeeding is best! Kids always say that's gross, but they don't mean it, rather the opposite. Ria7