Tuesday, February 8, 2011

daily news

What's going on around here? Surely fascinating things must be happening and that is why I haven't been on the blog...right? Well...let's see...we've had some of this:

The "office man"

B loves to play the "honey game". But I am boring. It's not nearly as fun playing this game with me as it was his grandmother. We play it for like 10 minutes before he's off in a corner crying and wishing he was back in Utah:) Just kidding about the crying bit...but I'm sure he thinks it in his mind. I try...but my imagination wasn't that big as a kid and it's only gotten worse:) And he really dislikes it when I tell him to pretend he's got his church pants on. I'm sorry...I don't need more laundry!

And we've had a lot of this:

And way more than enough of THIS:

Baby C still sleeps a decent amount(which is ok:)) and has done nothing but sleep since his dr appt yesterday. I'm hoping nothing is wrong with him and that he's just sleepy today. He weighed in at 13 lbs 2 oz, was 23 1/2 inches and his head was 40 something cm I think? Those numbers put him in the 80th % for weight, 75th % for height and 65th % for head. We knew he had a large head:) He checked out just fine so that was good.

Little Miss psychotic had a rough day yesterday. I think it was her teeth. I spotted the points in her gums from the 2 coming in next to her eye teeth. Gosh she's a miserable hag when she's teething. I just love being followed around the house by a screaming banshee!!! -find a happy place- lol. All seems to be well with her today...praise the Lord!

Since my days have been so productive...tell me about yours....
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Navy Princess said...

What is the "honey game"? These pics are just too cute! The crying pic of little miss is going to come in handy someday, as well as the pic of B in the outfit. lol! I am evil I know. lol!

Sounds like Mr. C is doing awesome, great job Mommy! Keep the blog posts coming, I love them!

Jenn said...

Ahhh the honey game...i know he misses his grammy for that reason :) And that's an awesome pic of C btw :) Nice to see that Baby C is doing so well! Did he get shots yesterday? L ALWAYS slept the WHOLE day away after getting shots :)

miss you!

Undaunted ~ My Life One Day at a Time said...

LOL, Baby C is looking like his brother again. He's a good size boy. Nice to see those Catanzaro genes in action again. ;) Miss C is Mad at Momma indeed.

Nana S. said...

When does B start school? When Mr. "M" was that age he litterly dressed in his Dad's white shirts, even for school, when his Dad was off someplace on a project ;-) Miss "C" really knows how to pour it on....cutting teeth is not fun. And lil Mr."C" looks so contented. However, Mom, I feel your frustrations....;-)

Katrina said...

How cute is that... tell B I miss the "honey game" too, we had some wonderful times... imagination is the best and he is great at it...
C girl... is not happy for sure , the picture made me wish I could pick her up out of the picture and hold her and baby C looks so content, he is a sweet boy and I agree with Stacie, he looks more like B again. All seems well and normal there.

Lildonbro said...

I too want to know what the honey game is.