Friday, February 4, 2011

I'm entitled...if I choose

Staying in the house all day for days on end had to stop! Seriously....the children were starting to get all "The Shining" on me. If I had made them stay in one more day...*shudder*. So we went OUT! Really! I got them all dressed, took our laundry basket, and played outside:) Oh the sun.....glorious glorious sun! How I love thee! While you didn't exactly warm my warmed my Spirit, gave me the strength to believe I can live here and be ok,...OR maybe just a false sense of happiness;) Nah....I can do it:)

I can also be a complete goofball, outside, playing with my kids:) This is including, but not limited to, B's crocheted hat his Aunt Jen made him, my BSU sweatshirt, my crocheted scarf that my SIL Stacie made me, my awesome gray sweatpants that my MIL loves...these being tucked into my Uggs. Ha! I was awesome looking:) Lucky for me (and you) I didn't take a picture of that! I did take a video of Miss C and I sledding down the hill to B.

It was fun. I really enjoyed myself and I'm glad I let go of my "me" and just had a good time with them. I think it was easier because I used to do that as a kid and it's just as fun now as it was then...even in a laundry basket:) We did splurge however and buy a saucer for $5...and as my husband so lovingly put butt will fit on it:) I did tell him my butt had no problem fitting in the basket.

AND....earlier this week our apartment complex got a new security system. I guess there have been too many break-ins of the vehicles so they enlisted some help from the locals:


This moose was literally across the parking lot from our building. I'm cool with it...just as long as bears don't decide to do the same. Then I may shat myself. That would be insane. lol. Speaking of poo....I just want everyone to know that I had my first poo casualty with baby C. I have no idea how it made it all over my pants and not on his. The mysteries of baby poo still elude me. haha...well till then,
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Jenn said...

Hahahahah...shat is such a funny word :)

it looks like you had fun with the kids! That's a perfect way to not be a mommy martyr!!! I should take lessons from you!

i miss you. thanks again for getting my head into shape this morning. :)

Katrina said...

Meggan you sound so happy there and I am really happy for you all. I miss you a ton and have my moments when it is harder then others but I am so happy for all of you doing what your suppose to be doing and that is being a family together doing these crazy things together. I know the kids are happy and that warms my heart. Stay warm and out of the path of the Love you all

Navy Princess said...

Love the moose pics!!! What an adventure you are on! I am so glad you are all together, even if it did take you 3000 miles from your loved ones. I love reading your blog.... you are too funny and I just love the way you word things.

Undaunted ~ My Life One Day at a Time said...

Ha, ha, new security system. :) I would think the bears would be like the beefed up version of the moose. I love Caitlyn's face at the bottom of you sledding run. Have a great Saturday.

Lildonbro said...

I wouldn't get too close to that security system...of course, I'm not a fan of wild animals deciding that it's okay to hang out near me (thus my dislike of squirrels).