Sunday, March 27, 2011

This week our family has been blessed. No, we didn't win the lottery or meet some new best friends. Our daughter has decided to vocalize! We now have the blessings of hearing mine, mil(milk), tee(teeth), moeee(more) and daddy. Small start I know, but it's a heck of a lot better than just plain screaming all the time! 

Today I put her down for a nap after changing her poopy pants, and of course she wasn't happy about it! I left the room to her crying and saying "daddy,...daddy.....daddy" like Matt was really going to go save her:) The girl can hope!

Our eldest needs something to do. He's bored out of his mind. We are really hoping and praying that we can scrounge up the dough for him to join a pop warner football league this summer. I know he wants it's just a matter of funding it. Matt and I are also trying to come up with a plan on how to get him to 'want' to be good. So if anyone has any ideas or has seen some cool ideas online or has friends that have a system that works...PLEASE pass it on! I know I'm tired of dealing with freak outs and obstinate behavior.

My dear husband of whom I love so much has tomorrow off. I'm certainly glad for the extra hands on one hand...and not on the other:) Our pediatricians office gave us a cool book on things to do with kids in Anchorage and I found a park in their I want to check out tomorrow. There's a whole list of trails when we lose a bit more snow I plan on taking the kids on them.

blah...alright. I'm out! Oh! If anyone can tell me why if "Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest" that my kids refuse to nap?!
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Jenn said...

because napping is a part of their every day schedule, and Sunday is a day of "rest" from the every day schedule! :)

That's fun about Princess C vocalizing more! Vocalizing is super exciting...and then turns super annoying quick :)

text me sometime?

Nana S. said...

Oh BOY, yes, your family sounds really healthy and quite normal, driving Momma nutty !!!!!! ;-) Hugs to all.

Undaunted ~ My Life One Day at a Time said...

LOL, They will nap when your dead. I am so glad Lady C is starting to talk to you. Just remember this jubilation when she can articulate her displeasure with you better. ;) You sound good. Love ya bunches.

Katrina said...

Hope you have fun at the Park and what ever else you did today. I love that C is saying words now, but watch out she will be saying more then you wish for before long. LOL It was nice to visit with you all yesterday and every one looks so good. Conner is growing so fast and is a nice looking young one just like his siblings.

Jenn said...

Billy's going on his 6th year of tackle, so if you need any advice just ask. Also if your league doesn't provide pads,helmets, and pants, look online. Walmart doesn't always have them in stores, but they do online. Also look in second hand sports shops like Play it Again sports. Start looking well ahead of the season, like now. And the first hit is going to hurt. It won't just hurt him physically, it's going to hurt his pride. Hold up a couch cushion and let him plow into you quite a bit to build up his confidence. It's all about confidence in football. If they ever think that they can't tackle someone, they won't. Teach him that he can tackle someone twice his size if he does it just right. And for you, don't watch practice. You'll just get the urge to run out on the field and tackle the first kid who lays your baby out. Sure, it would be funny, but coaches tend to frown on that.

Lildonbro said...

I really thought "moeee" was going to be moose...

I remember when I was a kid I hated naps, especially Sunday naps. My mom would try to cuddle with me to get me to fall asleep and I always felt like I was being punished for something.

Now as an adult who often takes care of nieces and nephews I realize what it is like. I don't like to take naps but for some reason with kids around I'd like to do nothing more :)