Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's been two days since I have entered the world of single parenthood. 
Today I:

Tried potty training Miss C again with a different method. The directions clearly state that you should have your child clean themselves up every time they mess, making them realize how unsavory it is to go in their underpants, and it would be so very much easier if they went in the potty.Also that you should do some "drills"; walking away from the potty and briskly walking back, pulling the pants down-sitting in the potty-pulling them back up, 10 times.

my child laughed at every 'drill' and made sure to tell me every time she peed and then went in to the bathroom to clean herself

So she learned the importance of hygiene....but not how to go in the toilet. 

I also:
Received an email from our internet provider(we pay by usage here and we have the highest amount you can have) telling me that we are at 80% of our maximum usage for the month and to smarten the heck up unless we wanted to pay overage fees.

this is going to put a serious cramp in my Desperate Housewives via Netflix.(don't judge me...it's like a mystery show)

Find myself wondering why some parents just let their kids stay up till all hours of the night. I realize we are in Alaska and it's summer now, but this happened in Utah also.

put your gosh darn kid to bed! they need sleep and structure just like the rest of us do! and why punish yourself like that?!?!?

It's been a productive thought provoking day. 

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Undaunted said...

It was nice of them to warn you that you were at 80% instead of slap you with a horrible fee. I agree with the kids up to all hours thing. Even in the summer bedtime is 9:00pm. Glad you seem to be surviving. :)

Jenn said...

I really do love u :)

Jenn said...

Kids staying up all hours of the night drives me CRAZY! I'm amazed at how many kids are still running the streets here long after I put my kids to bed. As for potty training, I wish I could help you out. My subconscious has blocked that period of my children's life out. I saw some video footage of it last week, and there were a lot of tears, mostly mine. Just keep telling yourself that one day you'll look back and laugh.