Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Meet 'Man-na'

So the little bird 'flew the coop' as they say. And her little wings took her to Alaska!
The kids and I were pretty excited about going to the airport to pick up Aunt Sibil. We even made some cute signs per her request.

She loves the show Adventure Time, so I thought it appropriate to help her feel normal by having her favorite characters plastered all over a giant poster board for fellows airport goers to stare at and ask silly questions. My son was as helpful as he always is, and only complained 87% of the time we were there. In between asking for something to eat after we had just had dinner not even 20 minutes beforehand.

This picture is titled "anguish". Enough said.

There she is!

This was the smile she broadcasted as she saw her sign, and the kids that were so lovingly waiting for her. Then she started crying. I figure it's because she was overcome with the realization that she was stuck in the 'last frontier' with this sign and kids joy and she was finally off the plane:)

And her new name is Manna. (Per the speech inflections of she-devil) Like 'manana' only without the middle 'a'. We are still trying to figure out how you get that out of Sable...

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Nana S. said...

Looks like a joyous reunion. Praying her adventure in Alaska goes well and you both have a great time becoming acquainted as adults. Sisters can be best friends.