Friday, August 19, 2011

She doesn't take no very well

Bedtime around here is usually at 7.With Alaskan summers being what they are I'm relatively surprised how well I have done. But there are those really busy and hectic nights that I just want to throw the kids in their pj's, say a prayer and call it good. This isn't the case when dealing with a very, persuasive, little girl.

Every night we do this little thing before she lets me leave her room. I typically say goodnight and "I love you" and she starts her routine of where I'm going to kiss her next. So I wait. "nose" I kiss the nose. "head" I kiss her head. -points to one eye "eye" I kiss her eye. -points to other eye "eye". And this continues until she has had enough pointing and grants me permission to leave. Yes, I'm being governed by a two year old. But if you were here and heard the screeching, and growling, and flailing against the'd kiss the sweet face 800 times also.

Tonight, however, she switched it up. Instead of going right to the next thing on her list she says(with her finger on her chin and her thumb nearby) "hmmm...let's see". Ha ha ha! She cracks me UP! There is never a dull moment with her. Ever.

In other news, it looks like my little sister will be coming out here for school! How crazy is that?! You would remember her from this post. Ha ha. Anyway...her ticket is bought and she comes out Sunday! I'm pretty excited about it. She wanted us to have a sign ready, like we are her tour guides picking up a client. Whatever. :)
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Katrina said...

Little girl your very funny and so cute...and I am happy to know that your sister is still coming. Have a great time. Love to all

Jenn said...

So happy that your sister will be close to you!!

Your little girl is too cute! It's crazy how somedays you just want to donate them to Goodwill (I'm not the only one, right?) and others you just laugh and think how boring your life would be without those fun quirks.

Undaunted said...

Our girls never leave for a dull moment. Glad your sis is actually going to make it. I hope that it all works the way you are hoping. :)

Nana S. said...

Kiss and Angel good morning and then again when she goes to bed ;-) Love it and some day you will also. Enjoy your sister being nearby and wish her the best.