Monday, May 7, 2012

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Did you know that if you take pictures in RAW format and transfer them to an external drive it changes them to JPEG? Well it did in my case. Kind of a bummer. It's also a bummer when you take a million pictures of all sorts of cool things and don't have the desire to "edit" them. At all. But it's alright. I don't mind.  If you'd like to see a tiny bit of what the goings on were while I was gone, you can go, HERE.
Today I get to bring the eldest to the dentist. I'm not looking forward to this visit because it came about from this:

Yes. My incredibly self controlled son didn't throw a temper tantrum, because I asked him to move his coat from the floor, and whack himself in the mouth with the zipper. Nope. He would never do that. And of course it had to be an adult tooth. -sigh-
In other news. I'm backed up two months on project life. Yay. And life isn't slowing down or getting any less complicated. :) One day at a time. should be one moment at a time!
I hope your moments are going smoothly friends.
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Cari said...

Ouch. That looks painful. And I did not know that about transferring to external hard drive- good to know!