Friday, May 4, 2012

Whooooo do you think you arrrrre?

That song takes me back. You remember? Spice girls? Lol...yup...I listened to them. But let's just forget I told you that. Ok? Good.
Back to whatever train of thought I was on, here. Oh! So, it's my birthday. Yup. The big 2-7. I'm not as upset about it today as I've been lately. It seems so easy to tell others that "it's just a number" or "you're not old". But when it's my turn....Oi! To celebrate the momentous occasion the hubs is going to take me out to dinner on a gift card I was given in exchange for some pictures, and a movie. There's also a groupon halibut fishing excursion, but that isn't until August. And yes, it was my idea. I actually enjoy the taste of halibut so I thought it would be fun to catch some. Salmon on the other hand....yuck. How can you live in Alaska and hate salmon, you ask? I don't know:)

Then...there's that pesky half marathon that won't leave me alone. I went on a little sabbatical down to Utah (tons of pictures to come) and had grand plans to take advantage of the higher altitude and train some. Nope. Nothing. So now I am six weeks out, with no organized training, to run 13.1 miles. Ha! Pretty much awesome. So I printed off a 10 week plan and ran my first 3 miles last night. Ran the whole thing and didn't even feel like dying! Running outside is so much better than on the treadmill!

Well, until I get my huge amount of pictures downloaded I will leave you for now. But it's been like months since I've been on so I guess you won't believe me. ;)
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Undaunted said...

I need to get back in my blogging grove. Glad you've had a great day. Love ya bunches.

Sam and Carmin said...

I was just going to send you a where the heck are you email! I'm glad your sabbatical was relaxing. Happy Birthday! I love the Halibut trip--I should look for another one from Groupon for my guy's bday. It was the highlight of his 2008 summer. We love halibut, too--but are all salmoned out right now.

Jessica Donbrosky said...

Happy belated birthday!!

As for the 1/2 marathon, I had a friend who didn't train at all and she walk/ran the whole took her much longer, but it was still possible! :)