Tuesday, February 19, 2013

oops, I did it again

No, this is actually the first time that I've done this. And I want to share. I took some family pictures of us a loooong time ago. Like September. And the Adorama had a super mega deal for prints that only cost me 30$ so I ordered them. In big sizes. And they have sat in my office/workspace/craft room for a the above mentioned 'looooong time'.
Well Joann's had a fantastic coopin for 55% + 20$ off your entire custom framing order and I was excited. I mean...that was a great coopin! So off I went. I needed a frame that would house my 16x20 print with a matte. I picked out the least expensive frame and glass I could and the total? 102$! STILL?! Holy how do they sleep at night? And since I really did not have that money or want to spend that money...I took to looking at their regular frames. The only ones they had were both broken, which isn't a big deal. I wasn't scared to slap some wood glue on and call it good. Only they weren't real wood. Some MDF, cheap cheapo stuff. And the more we handled the frame the worse it got. Well poop. 
So...I was going to suck it up and buy the expensive frame. And of course (as is my true character) I was complaining to the frame guy about how cheap I was and blah blah blah. So he goes out back and emerges a few minutes later and tells me they have an "oops frame" that's an 18x24...am I interested. Well, what's an oops frame? It's a frame that has merely come in the wrong size that they discount super cheap!!! Total cost for frame and glass?

$50.00! Bazinga!

Moral of this very long winded story:
Next time you want a great looking frame, check with the clerk at Joann's and Michael's for any "oops frames". I know I certainly will. All the time. 
And as a side note, I love our living room now. Our house is very, very slowly starting to look like a family lives in it. If you haven't been counting all the food spatters on the wall and dings in the trim!
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Undaunted said...

Well we need a picture of you getting things put together. Get find btw. :) You cheapskate you. :)